Money Clip "The Stack"

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At Rhodium Global Design, our idea of a Money clip is not your average cash holder.  We've taken fashion to a  level of innovation and disruption that you haven’t seen before. We seek to inspire through our design and have gone great lengths to bring you a unique product that unites sculptured craftsmanship with bleeding edge digital design.

We start with the highest grade of Stainless Steel and CNC Machined a custom torsion bar that clamp shut, keeping your positions safe.  We have sculpted a total of 39 moving parts make up this unique product that is not only beautiful but fully functional. Each of the 6 custom hinges are first injected molded steel, then carefully crafted to house the internal spring mechanism that is like no other. We have 20 custom screws that were designed just for this product.

The satin finish and feel of this money clip comes from being in a polisher for over 10 hours. Then it gets a PVD Metal Color which brings The Stack to Life.

 Anyone who yields “The Stack” will surely be noticed. I give you my word that once you pick up The Stack by RGD and hold it for  the  first time, you will see why we consider this to be one of the best personal carry products EVER MADE!