About Us

Here at Rhodium Global Design (RGD) we believe that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. We believe in providing the world with products of great design, not just run-of-the-mill designer products. We've taken fashion to a  level of innovation and disruption that you haven’t seen. We seek to inspire through our design and have gone great lengths to bring you a unique product line that unites sculptured craftsmanship with bleeding edge digital design RGD's Streetwear Apparel takes comfort and function to your everyday life and make you believe in something greater.  Our designers, developers, engineers, and 3D modelers have a generation’s worth of industrial design experience and seized an opportunity to drive change and innovation. Fashion Hardware Accessories will never be the same. RGD’s Accessory line is machined out of the highest grade stainless steel and sandblasted to a perfect finish. Our Designs are extremely complex, yet simple. Rhodium Global Design is an extension of ones self, everyone has a story and we want to be apart of it.  Our Purpose is to Inspire by Design.

Join us in our craving for something different, unique and with a purpose.

Jeff Robertson
Founder and CEO, Rhodium Global Design